Start with the shape of eternity

Let love flourish with the sparkle of a lab-grown diamond.

Timeless. Flawless. Priceless.

Our collections are made with the everlasting shine of
lab-grown diamonds — inspired by love and crafted with passion.

The Process

They’re Real, and They’re Spectacular

We believe in ethically sourced, lab-grown and conflict free diamonds that bring upon a smile on every face.

  • Pick


    from a variety of lab-grown diamonds in different shapes and sizes. Let our diamond connoisseurs help you find the impeccable stone.

  • Design


    a unique ring for that one-in-a-million smile. Discover the perfect setting for her, handmade by our skilled artisans.

  • Propose


    the start of a new life, together with some advice from our panel of experts. Pop the question in style and know that help is at hand, every step along the way.

  • Corner Top Left
    Corner Top Right
    Corner Bottom Left
    Corner Bottom Right


    Polished to Perfection

    Every diamond has a sparkle, but our lab-grown diamonds have a conscience — one that makes them shine brighter than mined stones.

Best Sellers

Halo Engagement Rings

The beginning of forever with a conflict-free lab-grown diamond.

Best Sellers

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Say ‘I Do’ to ethically made lab-grown diamond.


Effortlessly Chic!

The talk of the town

The newest coolest piece of jewelery, was a delight to open and recieve my own lab-grown diamond. I cant step out the house without it.

Ni Ni Chow

Perfectly suited my style, simple yet elegant, not to mention affordable.

Jessica Chiu

The diamonds, the packaging, the connected customer experience, is unparalleled. They not only promised but they have delivered.

David Weesterman

Perfectly suited my style, simple yet elegant, not to mention affordable.

Jessica Chiu


Lab-grown diamonds in the spotlight