27 Feb 2020

3 important steps to choose the right diamond

3 important steps to choose the right diamond

Choosing a diamond can be tricky, especially when it is for the most important person in your life. Your lab-grown diamond comes in various shapes and sizes while your partner comes with various likes and dislikes. What are you to do?


These steps can make your life simpler:


Step 1

Keep a look out for the kind of jewelry she likes. Notice the pendants she wears, look at the rings on her fingers. Slowly but surely, a pattern will start to emerge. If you think being observant is not your forte, get in touch with her best friend and ask for help.


Step 2

Once you and the bestie have discovered the kind of cut she likes, look for designs. Make sure you remember to check the clarity of the lab-grown diamond. It will be directly proportional to the smile on her face.


Step 3

Have clarity on what your budget is. Lab-grown diamonds are usually easier on the pocket compared to mined diamonds. So you don’t really have to worry about it that much. But of course, having a budget always helps. Once you know that, you can then customize your requirements according to her tastes.


Now that the ring is in the box, plan a nice little proposal. Make it special.