18 Feb 2020

4 diamond myths from the ancient world that will shock you

4 diamond myths from the ancient world that will shock you

The diamond has enchanted mankind from times immemorial. But have you ever wondered what makes the diamond so special? Here are four myths related to diamonds that are sure to pique your curiosity.


Ancient Egypt

Thousand of years ago, the pharaohs would have a diamond placed in the centre of a loop. It represented life, courage and truth. Many of these are etched in hieroglyphs and have forever intrigued human beings.


The Jewish Connection

Many Jews used diamonds as a test for truth or lies. They would place diamonds near a person who was seeking judgement. If they spoke the truth the diamond would sparkle, and if they lied it would dull down.


The Hindus

According to folk tales, Hindus in India thought diamonds were lightning struck rocks. Many of them would worship the ever sparkling diamond, and believed it to be a gift from Lord Krishna to Radha. The infamous koh-i-noor was one such revered diamond that was excavated in India. Though the myth is thousands of years old, it still lives, in the form of the biggest diamond known to mankind.



The Greeks

In the olden world, the Greeks associated a special term with a diamond. They called it ‘adamas’ which meant unconquerable. It was because of this legend that the ancient Greek kings would march onto the battlefield with diamond studded armours. They thought that diamonds had magic in them. A magic that would save them from any ill-fortune.


The enchanting sparkle of a diamond has spun many tales and lured people in with its beauty. No wonder the stories are as timeless as the stone.