07 Feb 2020

4 Famous Diamonds That Drove The World Crazy

4 Famous Diamonds That Drove The World Crazy


Diamonds are often thought of as precious ornaments. Some people buy them and lock them up for years, never really letting go of them even after their death. Some pharaohs took their diamonds with them to their graves. Because of such stories, diamonds have become a legend in themselves. Everyone knows about the Koh-i-noor, a 105.6 carat diamond, with a long and turbulent history. It was surrendered in the 1849 Treaty of Lahore to Queen Victoria and was part of the Crown of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother until her death in 2002. But it isn’t the only diamond which is famous. Here are three other legendary stones that are sure to raise your brows.


The Diria-i-noor is the largest pink diamond in the world. Originally from India, the diamond now adorns the Iranian Crown Jewels. It is estimated to be 182 Carats.


The Akbar Shah is an Indian diamond which became famous during the days of the Mughal Empire. It has two Persian inscriptions, the first is Shah Akbar, the Grand King, The second inscription is To the Lord of Two Worlds, Shah Jehan. The diamond was apparently part of the original Peacock Throne. Its present whereabouts are unknown.


The Briolette of India was a colorless diamond that was found hundreds of years ago. It was cut in a briolette shape. The Briolette of India has disappeared from records for long periods, sometimes even for several centuries, before resurfacing again.


Though many of them have been lost to the pages of history, the world is waiting for them to resurface from the annals and tell their stories. More recently, there is talk about new legends. They say a group of scientists at Augsburg University, Germany have grown what is being claimed to be the largest lab-grown diamond. Where will this story lead? Only time will tell.