30 Dec 2020



The new year brings new hope and new expectations and we for one are glad to welcome it with open arms. 

The practice of setting new year's resolutions is as old as time. As exciting and hope inducing as the process is, it really brings you down when you look back at them after a couple of months and see that you didn’t follow through.

We’re here to make sure that you don’t feel that way anymore by giving you five realistic and achievable options for your new year resolutions.


Embrace Movement

Last year we spent a lot of time lying on our backs, and stomachs - the sedentary lifestyle was the norm. In the long run, this isn’t very good for us. Our muscles need regular stimulation to stay strong and nimble. This year, whether it’s just a 10 minute YouTube dance tutorial or workout, or if you choose to join a class or get a coach, movement should be a major priority for you. Start small by taking the stairs instead of the elevator every chance you get. 



Selfish Hour

Every morning as soon as you wake up, gift yourself an hour. One hour to do anything and everything you desire. Move slowly, savour the aroma of your morning coffee or tea, look at the view outside your window, doodle etc. Do what brings you and only you joy for one hour every morning. 



Journal Keeper

Journaling is an excellent way to process and let go of any emotions or thoughts that you feel are holding you back. Try to write a couple of sentences about what happened and how you feel about it each day. Don’t filter your thoughts, just let it flow onto the paper. 


Organized and Ready

All of us have a bunch of documents that are essential for existing in a country, getting a job, travelling etc. A great and simple new year's resolution is to take time out to organize all your documents and store them safely in a specific folder  or storage location. These include documents like birth certificates, score cards, passports etc. Having all this one location will ease you of any tension the next time you are looking for them and will allow you to quickly access them in case of an emergency situation. 


Conscious Consumption

Make it a point to consciously purchase sustainable clothing, accessories, utensils etc in 2021. Planet Earth is not in great shape at the moment, and we need to do everything we possibly can to make it easier for it to replenish itself.  A great way to do that is to purchase more sustainable and ethically sourced items. 


At TDL we believe simplicity and honest intentions always provide great results. Our diamond jewellery just like our new year's resolutions are simple and honest. If you’re looking for ethical and sustainable diamond jewellery to accompany you into the New Year, be sure to check out all our collections on our website. 


We hope you enjoyed reading about the five new year’s resolutions we think are perfect to try and achieve in 2021.