15 Jun 2020

A Guide To Minimizing Your Wedding Budget

A Guide To Minimizing Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding could be the most expensive party you throw in your entire life. It is, after all a celebration of a lifetime. But there’s no reason that your celebration of love should drain your wallet. A post COVID world looks a lot simpler and more focused on real emotions. Your wedding can reflect the same. Here are some ways you can reduce the budget for your wedding, while still making it a dreamy affair!


1. Selecting the right jewelry

This sentence looks like a paradox; but what if there was a way to get the perfect wedding ring without burning a hole in your wallet? The marvel of technology has allowed us to create lab-grown diamonds with the highest quality. Lab-grown diamonds typically cost a third of what a conventionally mined diamond would while being more eco-friendly and ethical in their production. The Diamond Library has a vast collection of jewelry that is exquisite, affordable, and sustainable!

2. E-invites

Gone are the days of thick printed wedding invitations that cost a fortune! In an attempt to be kinder to the planet and to reduce the cost of weddings, couples are now opting to send out e-invites to their friends and family for their special day. E-invites give you the flexibility of personalization while still keeping your budget in check. Using technology to spread the word is not only affordable but also reduces the overall use of precious paper.

3. Innovative decor

How your wedding looks is a very important aspect of your special day and couples spend weeks of planning to design the perfect setup for the event, with help from professionals. But as anyone who has planned any event could tell you, the cost for achieving the perfect look comes at a high price. You can now design your wedding to your liking by using innovative decor items by using affordable items like tulle, potted plants, in-season flowers, string lights, flower petals, home-made candle decorations, and innovative centerpieces. 


4. It’s all in the location

In a post-COVID world, all events are bound to get smaller in size owing to public skepticism about large gatherings in spaces with recirculated air. But that does not mean your special day should not be the grand affair you’ve dreamed of. The easiest way to create a stunning venue is to pick a location that is naturally beautiful with large open spaces. Industry experts see a rising trend of hosting weddings in local parks, beachside locations, and rooftop gardens. Moreover, when you have your partner by your side, any place looks beautiful.