06 Nov 2020

Jewelry for the Working Mom

Jewelry for the Working Mom

Jewelry for the Working Mom


From holding the fort down at home to bringing the money in the banks, the working mom is truly a superwoman. She embodies the spirit of a multi-tasker while somehow maintaining a smile on her beautiful face. We admire and acknowledge the hard work you put into being in ten places at once. 

We have curated a small capsule with some of our crowd favourites that are practical, wearable, easy but always manages to add a touch of elegance to your daily personna. 


The Adler Earrings: We love a good stud here at TDL, but these small droplets are to die for. 1.15 carat diamonds set in prongs, all tied together with small hoops that dangle from your ears. On the run but still need a little sparkle to your outfit? This is one’s your go-to!

The McGill Ring: Did someone say “bling”? This beautiful ring is peppered with diamonds all around a 14K white gold band. There’s nothing prettier than the light reflected off a bunch of diamonds! If you see someone’s hand glittering on the steering wheel, don’t be alarmed - it’s just a boss mom dropping her kids off to school on the way to work! 

The Zooey Pendant: You’d be surprised by the statement a simple necklace can make! That’s exactly what our Zooey Pendant embodies - simplicity in beauty. With our classic lab-grown diamond set in a four-pronged pendant, this beautiful necklace would be the perfect addition to just about anything.

The Paradise Ring: Don’t want as much of the bling? This unique number is perfect for a low-key statement, with a twist...literally! The twisted nature of this band fits like a glove during fitting and has an unconventional look that definitely adds to the beauty of our diamond. This one is perfect for casual, daily wear!

The Tyrell Earrings: We love our diamonds to steal the spotlight, and this one definitely does! By tonight down the metal, we allow our 0.94 carat diamond to be the star of the show and glimmer brightly as one of our most popular studs. These earrings are super versatile - we recommend pairing it with the Zooey Pendant for everyday chic!

Functional chic is something that needs to be trending in mainstream fashion more and the modern woman is definitely owning that avenue. From your neighbour to celebrities alike, the Super Mom is someone who needs more love and we are here to give it!


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