18 Nov 2020

Online Shopping: A fad or our future?

Online Shopping: A fad or our future?

Online Shopping: A fad or our future? 


Online shopping isn’t exclusive to certain websites or apps anymore - you can now online shop on social media as well! The prompt to purchase has been greater than ever this year, with physical stores having to put a halt on their businesses and take the selling online. There are always two sides to the coin - religious Sunday shoppers and lazy scrollers who don’t need to leave their bed to buy something. Is online shopping really sustainable? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this. 


Save up on time, energy and effort. Shopping online means adding things to your cart while you’re on a coffee break at work. Can’t be in-store? No problem! 


Don’t like it? No pressure! Online shopping removes the scary salesperson who looks like they can’t take no for an answer. You’ll never be stuck at home with something you never wanted to buy.


Products are rarely ever “out of stock”. Find all colours, size variations and every version of the same product you could never find in-store. The options are truly endless! 


Buy on Monday? Wait until two Fridays later to get your product. The delay in online deliveries is astounding! Granted, it’ll never be as streamlined as in-house shopping, but the wait is excruciating! 


These days, all we can dream about is slipping a ring around our finger at a shop and shaking hands with the salesperson as you make your purchase. The shopping experience is great, but so is the threat of COVID-19. 


We make those cherished moments of buying jewelry, a reality. With our online store, we’ve made great attempts at bridging the gap between us and you by streamlining the user experience for a seamless virtual shopping trip. Shop from our multiple, beautiful collections on our website today!