28 Jul 2020

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Dump Carbon

How to reduce your carbon footprint


As the consequences of unethical and pollution-heavy industries grow more apparent, it’s time to take a step back and educate ourselves on how to reduce our carbon footprint.  Since there’s no Planet B, it’s time to switch to Plan B - Be Ethical!


Here are seven small things you can start doing to reduce your carbon footprint.


1. Say NO to fast fashion

Fast fashion brands are brands that are trendy, on-the-runway fashion in the form of cheap alternatives. Due to a combination of high production and cheap prices, a lot of environmental rules are negated to cut corners. An example of this includes more water pollution and more unethical dyeing of clothes. 


2. Choose mass transit 

If your city has great public infrastructure, it’s time to start using it. Mass transit vehicles like buses, metros and ferries help transport larger amounts of people at lesser time with minimal carbon consequences. Getting places faster and reducing your carbon footprint? That’s a win-win!


3. Unplug to reduce

It’s not enough to just switch off appliances that are not in use, start unplugging them as well. When plugged in, appliances still use electricity. This not only increases your electrical wastage, but also your electrical costs!


4. Wear clothes for longer 

Having a curated closet with items you genuinely like and wear again is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Wearing clothes for longer means you’re shopping less and purchasing less from polluting brands. That’s more power to you and your wardrobe. 


5. Get planting

Go green by growing greens! Starting with a small garden or even a few plants in and around your house can have a major positive impact on you, your environment and your reduction levels. Next time you purchase a plant, know that you’re buying for two - you and Mother Earth. 


6. Plate for the planet

Switching to a less (or no) meat diet or getting locally and organically produced food makes a huge difference to both your diet and your carbon footprint. 


7. Get some ethical drip

Everyone loves the glimmer of diamonds! But when that shine comes at the cost of the environment, it’s time to realign your love for diamonds. Diamond mining is detrimental to the earth’s ecosystem, prompting deforestation and soil pollution. Switching over to lab-grown diamonds means you get the same beauty but at a fraction of the environmental cost.