20 Nov 2020

The Beautiful Diamonds of “The Crown”

The Beautiful Diamonds of “The Crown”

The Beautiful Diamonds of “The Crown” 


Netflix’ original series “The Crown” follows real life events detailing the rise of the British Empire when women ruled the country. As everyone can guess, with the British Empire comes a lot of beautifully elaborate pieces of jewelry. From tiaras and crowns to celebratory necklaces and statement earrings - we cannot keep our eyes off these gorgeous pieces from the past. Let’s recount our personal favourites from the earlier seasons! 


The Flame Lily Brooch: One of Queen Elizabeth II’s earliest sentimental pieces, this brooch was featured during her claiming of the throne. This piece was actually worn by the Queen as she arrived back to England as the ruler. 


Gloucester Pendant Earrings: The gorgeous drop shaped earrings are a definite statement! They originate from The Duchess of Gloucester and Edinburgh in the early nineteenth century, which was eventually passed down to Queen Elizabeth through the generations. 

Princess Margaret’s Engagement Ring: The beautiful, chunky piece was a very realistic replica of the actual ring. Set in solitaire prongs, the beautiful ruby and diamond ring was a vision!

The George VI Sapphires: This gorgeous blue earrings and necklace set is often called the “Victorian Set” as it dates back to the nineteenth century. Gifted by her father as a wedding gift, these have been featured on the show and in real life on several occasions. These pieces definitely hold sentimental value to the Queen.


Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik: We definitely couldn’t miss out on this crowd favourite! Having a Romanov history, this tiara, as many like to say, is literally a wall of diamonds. We have the rows of diamond arranged in height with a stiff backing that does not resemble a tiara, but rather a crown that nestles on the top of your head. Stunning!


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