06 Jan 2021

The Fairytale Edit

The Fairytale Edit

The Fairytale Edit


Once upon a time…well, the year 2021 to be more exact, we curated an elegant collection of fairytale inspired diamond rings by which we’re sure you will be enchanted.   


Locked away in a tower all on her own, our most well-known damsel in distress made a break for it when a handsome prince came knocking. With the help of her long locks, Rapunzel escaped the clutches of the wicked sorceress and rode away to a life of royalty.

The Rapunzel Ring is elegant in its make with a 1.00CT/0.459CT central diamond, encircled by smaller ones which also run along the shoulders of the ring glistening like Rapunzel’s hair.



A princess of the deep blue with a longing to walk on land and meet the prince of her dreams, had her wish granted when the sorceress Ursula transformed her into a human (with a catch of course). After managing to overcome a series of unfortunate events on land, Ariel gets her happy ending when she marries the prince.

The Ariel Ring, as precious as the character it’s named after, has a 1.05CT/0.635CT central diamond held in place by four prongs, embellished with more diamonds along its sides and has a ribbed inner rim.


Adventurous Cinderella, neglected by her family, was given a new lease on life (unfortunately only for a night) when her fairy godmother provided her with the means to attend a ball at the castle. When the clock struck twelve, she hurried home leaving behind a mesmerized prince and a crystal shoe which eventually became the instrument of their reunion. 

Much like the character it is inspired by, the Cinderella Ring is simple yet sophisticated with its solitaire style 0.7CT diamond set on a broad silver band.


Elsa, the frosty princess (well, not at heart) ran away to the mountains when her magical powers were revealed to all, refusing to return even when her own sister arrived to retrieve her. However, when her kingdom and dear sister faced peril, the brave princess returned home to save the day.

The beautiful Elsa Ring, with its 14K white gold central diamond held by prongs on six sides looks almost like a beautiful snowflake fitted on a ring.  

Similar to these timeless classics, our princess inspired series also exudes wonder and beauty. Have yourself a happily ever after by taking your pick from our exquisite fairytale collection.  Visit our website for all this and more!