27 Oct 2020

The Game of Thrones Collection

The Game of Thrones Collection


Winter is Coming:

Our Game of Thrones Collection


Our collections are inspired by classic novels and characters that have been integrated into mainstream pop culture - the most famous one being Game of Thrones. Still a long-standing series written by George R. R. Martin, this loved plotline has been adapted into HBO’s most successful show yet.

We’re detailing out our coveted jewelry named after these iconic characters...without giving any spoilers!


  1. The Greyjoy Pendant

Unfortunate, but vital to the story, the Greyjoy clan is not the most celebrated family in the series. Though Theon’s questionable acts of “loyalty” to get a sense of belonging and dominance, he emerges as the unsung hero who made the most honourable sacrifice of all.

This pendant has a diamond encased in a sleek, sharp design. Thick prongs that are classy in a simple way, the Greyjoy Pendant is threaded by a thin metal chain. Made with 14k palladium and our diamond is 0.27 carats!

  1. The Tyrell Earrings

Another loved family! The Tyrell clan, one of Westeros’ most honourable families, has always been a smart one. They’re famously known to have worked for their riches over the generations and are now able to enjoy the much finer things in life.

Regal and simple, our Tyrell earrings have two 0.94 carat diamonds encased in a simple three-pronged solitaire made of 14k white gold. Pricey and polished, just like our Tyrells.

  1. The Arya Ring

Arya Stark, the underdog that we always rooted for. So starkly (pun intended) different from her sister Sansa and what was expected of women at the time, but she proves to be a clever, powerful force to reckon with. We love our little Arya!

Much like her exuberance, strength and beauty, our Arya Ring shows the same. Channel set diamonds that run down the side of the band, set in 14k palladium metal. Absolutely gorgeous!

  1. The Brienne Ring

Brienne of Tarth, another powerful character that many young girls can look up to. We don’t want to spoil anything for you, but just know that she is an unstoppable character. She is fiercely loyal, protective of the people she loves and is a soldier through and through. We love Lady Brienne!

Strong and simple, the Brienne Ring has a single 0.92 carat diamond set in a thick 14k white gold band. Brienne isn’t scared of asserting her dominance and neither does this ring.

Our coveted collections are made with not just our customers in mind, but also with a great deal of attention to detail and storymaking. We love weaving backstories to present unique collections with a lot of symbolism.


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