15 Jan 2021

The Greek Edit

The Greek Edit

The Greek Edit


What if we told you we found a way to combine modern technology with ancient Greek mythology to create dazzling diamond jewellery? Have we got your attention now?

Greek culture is known for being the world’s first modern civilization. But our love for the Greek culture is rooted in their mythology, their electrifying stories, and their personification of Gods and Goddesses. 

Inspired by our love for this rich heritage we present our Greek Edit.


Desdemona Ring

The name Desdemona was popularized by Shakespeare, a literary oracle known for writing characters with great depth and complexity. The Desdemona ring is a 14K white gold lab grown diamond ring. It is complex and intricately designed with stunning diamond stones that absolutely mesmerizes all those who lay their eyes on it.  

Pandora Ring

Pandora is a Greek name which means “all-gifted”. This exceptional, skillfully crafted 14K white gold lab grown diamond ring, is halo shaped with a round shaped central diamond in a prong setting. It’s elegant make is amplified by the 111 diamonds that have been carefully placed along the surface of this stunning ring. 

Ophelia Ring

One of the most popular Greek names in the US, Ophelia simply means ‘to help’. A popular name among lyricists and writers alike, this gorgeous piece is sophisticated, elegant and intertwines classic white gold with 113 petite diamonds impressively. 

Cordelia Ring

The Cordelia ring is a preferred choice for an engagement ring as the name itself means love. This diamond shaped halo ring in a pave setting has 86 diamonds with a carat weight of 1.536CT.

Athena Ring

In Greek mythology Athena was known as the Goddess of Wisdom and Righteousness. Named after the city of Athens, she represents all that is courageous and powerful. The Athena ring has a round central diamond and 125 mini diamonds coating it’s surface.

Each of these pieces have incorporated ethically made lab grown diamonds into its design, and offers a certain elegance that other diamonds simply cannot provide. 

If you’re looking for intricately designed, delicate diamond rings that stand out with a classy and elegant look you have come to the right place. Feel like a Goddess with ‘The Diamond Library’s Greek Collection.’