06 Oct 2020

The Largest Diamonds in the World

The Largest Diamonds in the World

The Largest Diamonds in the World 


Every diamond has a story behind it. From its place of origin to the way it was acquired, there is always a tale to be told. Let’s recount five of those narratives as we chart out the biggest diamonds found on earth. 


#5: The Lesotho Legend 


Weighing in at 910 carats, the Lesotho Legend was found in the Letšeng mine, South Africa. For scale, its size is as much as two golf balls! Not only is this the largest diamond found in this mine, it also held impeccable GIA grading. It was “D” which is the best rating one could give for a clear diamond. It was bought for a whopping $40 million! 




#4: The Star of Sierra Leone


Much like its name, this diamond is a rock that shines super bright! Weighing in at 968.9 carats, it was sold for $2.5 million to a private buyer. Found in the heart of West African country Sierra Leone, this diamond was discovered uncut and natural but was later carved into a beautiful emerald shaped piece. After additional cuts, the stone is now divided into 17 parts, the most famous being a part of The Star of Sierra Leone brooch. 



#3: The Excelsior Diamond


This rock weighs in at 995.2 carats! It was the world’s biggest diamond in the early 1900s. It comes from the Jagesfontein Mine in South Africa. It was later cut into 10 smaller diamonds in 1903 when it was sent to Amsterdam. The manager of the world’s oldest diamond merchants, De Beers, cut it because he stated that a diamond that big could never live up to its potential. Hence, he instructed to carve it into bite-sized pieces for the masses. 



#2: The Lesedi La Rona


The diamond’s name translates to “our light” in the native language of the place it was found - Botswana! This diamond was discovered in the Karowe Mine in 2015. It weighs in at 1,109 carats and is the size of a tennis ball. The stone couldn’t be valued at first because of its size but they managed to value it at $53 million! 



#1: The Cullinan


If you thought the earlier diamonds were big, wait until you hear this - The Cullinan weighs in at 3,106 carats naturally! It was discovered in The Premiere Diamond Mines in South Africa way back in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, it was shaped down after it was gifted to King Edward VII. It’s said that the instrument used to shape it broke because of its size! This was divided into 9 large diamonds and 100 smaller diamonds. 

The earth’s crust is a wonderful place to find hidden treasures like this and these are definitely rare! As fascinating as these sound, do remember that naturally occurring diamonds come with a hoard of unethical practices that damage the environment and human rights. 


Us at The Diamond Library respect the art of diamond making while also highlighting the responsibility of humans towards our earth and ourselves! Shop from our beautiful collections of ethical diamonds from our website today.