28 Jan 2020

The symbols of marriage — The good, bad and ugly

The symbols of marriage — The good, bad and ugly

The symbols of marriage — The good, bad and ugly.

A diamond has, and always been a symbol of something sacred. For years the human race looked for an idea that would mean something close to the true bond that a husband and a wife share. History is full with attempts to find the right symbol, and is full of many funny ones too.

In a certain part of Korea, grooms are gifted with dead fish and bamboo sticks. While the sticks are somewhat alright, we hope they didn’t cook and eat the dead fish, it could cause quite a stink.

While in another part of the world, the bride and groom are tied to a tree and gifted with goo and kinds of terrible gifts one can find. This apparently prepares them for anything…absolutely anything that marriage has to offer.

In a certain part of Germany, the guests at a particular wedding bring porcelain. While there is nothing wrong in bringing porcelain to the wedding, these are not gifts that can be used by the bride and groom. These are in fact brought to the wedding to be shattered into pieces. If this wasn’t complex enough, in the Fiji islands a man who’d like to propose to a girl he loves, has to gift her father a whale’s tooth.

Human beings thrive on symbolism. Our lives are full of them. Be it art or politics, stories, or marriage, we are always looking for something that signifies the meaning of what the relationship is. So, the idea of having a diamond, as a symbol to exchange vows makes so much more sense now. It is something that is formed only under immense pressure, and is the purest of all minerals.. Diamonds make us aware of the fact that some symbols are far more valuable because of what they mean.

Which is why, The Diamond Library believes in sustainable, conflict-free diamonds. To spread a kind of love that cares for others more than oneself.