31 Jul 2020

Themed Weddings

Themed Weddings

Here’s why themed wedding do it better


Themed weddings have always been a popular option amongst young couples. But what is it that drives them to go for a themed wedding. Is it harder to pull off than a traditional wedding, or is it deceptively easy as it gives you guidelines to stick by. Our blog posts discusses it all.

From budgeting to implementation, it might seem like an unnecessary addition to your wedding to-do list, but a themed wedding is a great way to celebrate your day!


Here are some reasons why you should consider having a theme for your big day.



Wedding planning has always been a mammoth task. An event that is usually pre planned months in advance to ensure all things run smoothly. More often than not, having a themed wedding gives you the unexpected advantage of getting a headstart. Not only does it give you a clearer picture of what you want from the wedding, but also streamlines your wedding preparation as you already have guidelines to adhere to. 


Some much-needed help with decision making!

Indecision is often the biggest villain in a wedding. There are no end of options, which leads to too much second guessing and confusion. A themed wedding, in some way cuts out the clutter and gives you a tunnel vision of what works best for your theme. Helping the decision making process become easier and more effective.



Opportunity to have fun!

A themed wedding is the perfect way to bring out your creative side and go all out. Your guests are also more likely to be more involved and remember the wedding if it’s based on a theme. From the wedding outfits to the decorations, themed weddings are always fun!

It’s also the best way to add you and your spouse’s personalities to the celebration.



Everything comes full circle!

A carefully planned themed wedding comes together perfectly without any confusions, clashes or arguments. Each element, each decision that has gone into curating your wedding tells everyone your story. Everything fits, just like you and your spouse!



So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start planning the theme wedding of your dreams and don’t forget to have a lot of fun!