What is a lab-grown diamond?

Identical to its mined counterpart, a lab-grown diamond invigorates the same fire and brilliance you would expect to see in a natural diamond - except that it’s made using sustainable practices.

Why should you choose a lab-grown diamond?

  • It's conflict free.
  • Our diamonds don't create war, just love.
  • The process of lab-grown diamonds is not labour intensive.
  • The working conditions in a lab-grown diamond factory are conducive and healthy.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are better for the environment.
  • Laboratories use a fraction of the energy as compared to the energy used during mining
  • Lab-grown diamonds are far more affordable than natural diamonds.
  • At The Diamond Library, we have no middlemen. This makes our lab-grown diamonds even more economical as compared to others.
  • Jewellery at The Diamond Library is crafted from recycled metals to reduce the impact of mining.
  • Mining contaminates drinking water, can harm workers, generates tonnes of waste, leaves long-lasting scars on landscapes and affects communities. Which is why, recycling metals helps avoid these harmful repercussions and helps us give back to the society and the Earth at large.
  • Gold, platinum and palladium can be recycled several times without affecting the quality of the metal.
  • Mining Free

    Mining Free

    Lab-Grown Diamonds are a responsible choice given that no mining is required.

  • Beauty & Quality

    Man made diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds.

    Beauty & Quality
  • Value


    Lab created diamonds offer excellent value, and are slightly more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality.

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